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Game Thread: USF vs. Western Carolina

We're in a weather delay at Ray Jay, so here is the rundown of tonight's matchup.

Shanna Lockwood-USA TODAY Sports

If Western Carolina wins, it will be their biggest upset ever. They have never beaten an FBS team before, although USF has famously lost to an FCS team before -- perhaps you recall. The Catamounts have lost their last 21 road games and have only won three in the last two years, for a 3-20 record since 2011.

USF is paying Western Carolina $425,000 for this game, which is typical for them. In the last eight seasons, they have played eleven payout games, which they lose by an average score of 53-8. You may recall them losing to FSU and Auburn by 69 and 59 points respectively.

Two Catamount starters and three other players are currently suspended for academic reasons. 2013's best receiver, Kanorris Benson, is the most significant loss. Starting Their most prominent player is junior quarterback Troy Mitchell, who is a dual threat with eight rushing touchdowns last season. Keep in mind that in his tenure, Western Carolina has only won three games.