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Protect Your Unit: Week 2 Pick Thread: Never Fear, Underdog Is Here

This week's theme is teams that are not expected to win. Go USF!

David Butler II-USA TODAY Sports

(DISCLAIMER: This contest is for entertainment purposes only. No actual money is being wagered.)

The theme song from the classic Underdog show is a lot more awesome than I remember it being. In fact, it's much more awesome than the character is:

Underdogs have been popular so far this week! Six of you bet on USF, despite the line being only +12 to start, and then not moving very much despite Maryland getting lots of action at that price. And despite most of us watching the Western Carolina game, and crapping our drawers until Marlon Mack's fourth touchdown.

Other popular underdogs were UTSA, Temple, Virginia Tech, Eastern Michigan (vs. Florida), and BYU. The BYU-Texas game was also interesting in that there was a wide variance in the point spreads early in the week: BYU was +4 while Texas was only -1. Some of you took advantage of that.

This week's picks:

As always, this is not the deadline for making picks. You may place bets up until one hour before kickoff, and as long as you have fake money left to spend.

Use the comments section to talk about your picks, and the college football weekend in general. We've also got Michigan-Notre Dame, Michigan State-Oregon, Stanford-USC, and Virginia Tech-Ohio State.

In the AAC, East Carolina plays a beatable-looking South Carolina team; Tulsa gets a home game against the mighty Oklahoma Sooners; Memphis goes to UCLA; Tulane hosts Georgia Tech in the inauguration of their new stadium, which USF will probably won't get to visit until 2018; and Temple-Navy looks interesting after both teams played well in week 1.

It's still not too late to join the pick'em game, so email me at to get a username and password.