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Chuck Bresnahan Hired As UCF's Defensive Coordinator

No really, we're not kidding. This is a thing that just happened.

Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

In one of the most incredible F-you's in USF history, recently terminated defensive coordinator Chuck Bresnahan has been hired by UCF to serve as their defensive coordinator next season. We couldn't believe it either, but when the best QB in USF history confirms it, it's official.

We harbor no ill will towards Bresnahan, who by all accounts was a good guy. We might have had issues with the lack of blitzing, the second half collapses, and the super-safe scheme USF tended to play, however those are professional issues and not personal. He was always kind and accommodating to the media, and his players seemed to like him. Sometimes things just don't work out as hoped.

But you don't take that job on the other side of I-4 without extending one rather large middle finger to your former employer. So I guess we can regard his separation from USF as less than amicable.

Something we can say now: We didn't write it at the time, but we knew two weeks before the UCF game last year that Bresnahan wouldn't be at USF in 2015. We have an editorial policy around here that we don't write that people are fired until they are actually fired, thus making it easier for them to gain a job elsewhere. We'll scoop what we can, but it doesn't seem fair to write things about people regarding their employment before it's official without an overriding reason. Check our podcast archives for so much allusion to this topic without subtlety you'd think it was a Billy Joel song.

But it was quite clear from everything we were hearing that Coach Bres was clashing with other parts of the USF football office. Subsequently we also heard that Bresnahan wasn't the first choice of Taggart, and came "recommended" from previous athletic director Doug Woolard and his underlings. So this could been a clash of styles from the beginning, but it certainly didn't end well.

Black Friday 2015 just got a lot more interesting: USF's playcaller will be Willie Taggart, and his opposition will be his former employee. It would be hard to imagine Taggart surviving a beatdown of his offense by the Knights defense helmed by a guy he fired if the rest of the season is merely mediocre.

It would be easy to imagine that might be exactly what Chuck Bresnahan wants to do.