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GameThread: USF Women's Basketball vs. UConn

It's game time in Storrs. Can the Bulls pull off what everyone would consider a miracle except for them?

Jim O'Connor-USA TODAY Sports

Our embedded preview is here.

The last time USF gave the Huskies a scare was 2005. Andrea Smith made a huge shot to force overtime in Storrs, but the Bulls eventually succumbed 75-65. Today will be the Bulls best shot at slaying the dragon since, as Jose Fernandez faces the Huskies for the 15th time in school history (all since 2002).

During the game we'll throw out nuggets from the scouting report we got directly from Jose Fernandez and his staff, which might help to see why the Bulls are doing what they do. We're holding it until after tip-off just in case a crazy Huskie person is sitting behind the UConn bench with this page on refresh however.

This game is live on ESPN2 at 1 p.m., and should be a helluva lot of fun. Let's do this #BeatUConn