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GameThread: USF vs. Temple

Can Temple get it turned around against the Bulls?

David Butler II-USA TODAY Sports

USF Men's Basketball is tough to watch right now. I get it. It's hard to get excited for a team that's clearly not going anywhere this season, and with a roster that's going to have tremendous turnover this summer (keep in mind USF has already signed more kids than the projected scholarships they have available for next season, and they're still recruiting).

But for the most part, the kids play hard. And there are some pieces that will make a difference to next season. Chris Perry continues to improve on both ends of the floor. Ruben Guerrero still can't guard anyone, but he'll get better, and his offensive game is clearly more refined than most 18-year-old 6'11 kids.

The guy we really feel bad for this season? Corey Allen Jr. He's playing like his life depends on it each night, and leads the team with 14.8 points per game. He's also a bad fit with the rest of his teammates in terms of scheme and size. But that hasn't stopped him from leaving it on the floor each night.

There have been lots of talented senior Bulls on going nowhere teams before. Corey could have earned the James Harper Award, the Mike Bernard Scholarship, and the Toarlyn Fitzpatrick Trophy at the end-of-season banquet during a season like this.

Temple has been so weird this year: they blew the doors off #10 Kansas a month ago today, but have lost their last three to Tulsa, SMU, and Cincinnati. The Bearkats beat them by 31 last time out, and it's not looking good for Big 5 legend Fran Dunphy if they can't turn it around.

We're going to watch this game, and continue to look for positives out of the Bulls. But our eye is firmly on next season and how the Bulls might improve, especially with Maryland transfer Roddy Peters apparently killing it in practice every day.