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The Second USF vs. UConn Preview

The Bulls look to avenge their earlier defeat

Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

Who: Your 7-12 USF Bulls are going up against the 10-7 defending National Champion UConn Huskies for the second time this season.

Where: Last time was less than three weeks ago in Tampa, now the Bulls will journey up to Hartford, CT. Weather forecasts have it as 32 degrees at tip off in Hartford and 60 degrees here in beautiful Tampa Bay, so in a way we already won.

When: Sunday at 12 p.m. ET and the game will be broadcasted on CBSSN.

USF is currently riding a four game losing streak which started against UConn back on that fateful night three weeks ago. The Bulls led for most of the first half in that game, but ended up falling 58-44. Those with a short memory can check out the highlights here:

Meanwhile, UConn has been 2-2 since that game, with wins over UCF and Cincinnati and losses against Stanford and Tulsa. The Huskies are sitting at #73 in the RPI (compared to USF at #206) and are only 3-2 in the conference (USF are 1-5) so far. The Bulls are 1-6 against the Huskies in the last four years, with four straight losses. So, it should be a fun time up in Hartford.

UConn has been solid on defense this year, but struggled on the offensive side of things. If the Bulls can pick up easy transition baskets, they should be able to make a game of it.

Another key for USF will be crashing the defensive glass and limiting second chance opportunities. Stanford was able to limit UConn to only four offensive rebounds, while snatching up 18 themselves. Now, the difference between Stanford and USF is night and day, but they were still only 5 point favorites and ended up slaying the Huskies 72-59. Three weeks ago the Bulls were 8.5 point underdogs against UConn, but ended up losing by 14. They gave up 11 offensive rebounds in that game.

USF will likely have a tough time with this game again. Although UConn hasn't been the same team they were last year, they still have more talent than USF and will likely find a way to win just like last time. It's worth a watch, though. Maybe Orlando Antigua has a few tricks up that former Harlem Globetrotter sleeve of his and found a way to hang around with the Huskies for both halves this time.