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GameThread: USF vs. UConn

This might hurt a bit

Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

Our game preview is here, and our homeboys at The UConn Blog previewed us here.

Something we need to mention: we love Orlando Antigua and his staff. We think USF made the right hire here, and that this team is going to get turned around quickly.

This is a good group of players too. For the most part they have continued to play hard all season despite being outgunned on most nights. And I still think they're going to pick someone off they're not supposed to as this season continues.

But let's be honest: we're way more pumped for the women's game at 4 p.m. at the Sun Dome today. Coach O simply needs some time, while Coach J has his best team in 15 years at USF this season. This men's basketball season is all about just finding bright spots that can help next season, and figuring out who's not going to be here next year: remember the Bulls have already inked three players with only two scholarships available as of now (one open, one from the graduating Corey Allen Jr.).

Kevin Ollie is a really good coach, Ryan Boatright is fun times to watch, and UConn is still the defending national champs. Let's just look on the brightside as much as we can.

Defending the three better (39.1% opponents 3 point %, 337th out of 351 teams) and making some three's ourselves (28.2%, 328th out of 351) wouldn't suck either.