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Agustin Moreno Fired As USF Women's Tennis Coach

This looks like something... not good.

Straight outta Fowler at 3:30 p.m. today

Agustin Moreno has been relieved of his duties as head coach of the University of South Florida women's tennis program for not meeting the standards expected of a head coach, Director of Athletics Mark Harlan announced Monday. USF will commence a national search for a successor to lead the program.

Assistant coach Kelly Anderson has been appointed interim head coach of the program.

Notice this wasn't a Doug Woolard "Friday at 4:45pm," so something very likely went down that wasn't good either personally or professionally involving the coach. Moreno went to six NCAA Tournaments in nine years at USF, and guided the Bulls to the 2007 Big East Championship and the 2014 AAC Championship.

We have no idea what happened here, but it'll come out soon enough I'm sure: we haven't had a good source in the women's tennis program since Gigi Fernandez quit over a decade ago.

Rooting for the ladies on the team that this doesn't interrupt their season too dramatically. And that whatever happened, it's not embarrassing or stupid for the university.