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You Stay Classy, Autry Denson

The Bulls hired a running backs coach that literally never coached a Bulls running back in an official practice.

Reports from are Bulls running backs coach Autry Denson will take the same position at Notre Dame very shortly.

Wait: you didn't know Autry Denson was the Bulls running backs coach? That's ok, because he just got the job 37 days ago.

We overwhelmingly aren't one to begrudge a coach moving on to a better gig. It's hard to turn down more money, more prestige, and the chance to advance your career. Denson's predecessor Telly Lockette got a boatload of cash to go to Oregon State, and we wish him well in Corvallis. The nature of college athletics, especially in revenue sports, is that a high rate of turnover is customary.

But leaving before even being on the field for a practice is beyond gauche: it's cynical & revolting. "Hey guys, I'm excited to be here and teach you what I know. I want you to become a family, I want to be a role model for you..." and all that stuff every coach says to his players. How's that working out for you now?

It's well-known that the Bulls were in the hunt for now-Clemson signee Ray Ray McCloud: what if he had come here? Does Denson stay at USF? The Bulls didn't sign a running back in their 2015 class (edit: sorry, forgot about Trevon Sands... my bad), but does it matter if they had? I guess we'll never know.

Denson is a Notre Dame grad, and we understand the desire to coach at your alma mater where you are the all-time rushing yardage leader: but signing a contract with a school means you should finish the job, even if it's only for a season. ND will be Denson's fourth job in 13 months, as his previous stops were at Bethune-Cookman and Miami-Ohio. And maybe he saw what he perceived as the S.S. Taggart heading for an iceberg and decided to jump in a life raft.

But bailing after less than five weeks on the job when a team and school has committed to you is pretty dirty. So enjoy South Bend, Autry. And this guy.

Brian Kelly