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Book Your Plane Tickets for the USF vs Maryland Game Right Now

And we mean RIGHT NOW GO GO GO!!

Jonathan Dyer-USA TODAY Sports

I don't want any of my attempts at being clever to hide the most important message I have for Tampa Bay area based Bulls fans tonight. NOW IS THE TIME TO BUY YOUR PLANE TICKETS TO THE USF AT MARYLAND GAME FOR ONLY $77 EACH WAY. Was I loud enough? Southwest Airlines has an unannounced sale going on right now that lets you fly from Tampa to Washington DC's Reagan National Airport for just $77 each way. Do not wait, book it now, right now, do it, do it, do it.

Southwest offers non-stops, free checked baggage, the ability to cancel and get your money back in the form of a voucher for a future flight, and free peanuts! $154 roundtrip is as good as it will likely get.

This game is unique because of the awesome Washington DC metro system that runs to both Reagan National Airport and the University of Maryland. You won't need a car. I will write more later about what you might want to do during this trip, but I will mention that the Nationals are home hosting the Florida Marlins.

It doesn't stop there, not as spectacular, but still impressive is the $92 each way fare from Tampa to Hartford for the USF at UConn game in October, so if you want to make that trip too $184 roundtrip is a great fare.

By the way, I don't ever want to hear that our team isn't winning as a reason not to go to road games. If you depend on the win to have a good time, then you are doing it wrong. Take in the local culture, other events, sights, local food and a football game. Win or lose, a well planned road game trip should be fun for everyone.