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GameThread: C. Florida vs. USF. Thanks, Corey Allen Jr.

Only one reason to watch this one, and that might not be on TV>

Aaron Doster-USA TODAY Sports

Who: C. Florida (12-16, 5-12 AAC) vs. USF (8-21, 2-14 AAC)

What: Senior Night for the Bulls

Where: The Sun Dome

When: 7 p.m. on ESPNU

Why: For Corey

Spread: USF -1.5 WAIT WHAAATTTT?????

Corey Allen Jr. won't be the only change in the Bulls roster from this season to next, but it's nice that he's the only senior on this roster, as he deserves his time in the spotlight. The latest ruling from the NCAA might have kept him off the court tonight in uniform, but those that watched him for two years at USF won't forget him.

Corey played with a particular kind of passion that was contagious. He constantly flew up and down the floor at speeds possibly too fast for his slender build. If he made mistakes, they were overwhelmingly errors of commission and not omission: either his brain was moving faster than his body could, or his belief in his ability overtook what was possible. It's almost impossible to find fault with a player like that.

It would have been easy to lay down and not give the most effort for any Bulls player this season, particularly one running out of eligibility. But asking Corey to not give his best didn't ever seem a part of his DNA. He's got the talent to pursue basketball on a professional level (ask Baron Davis, who got held up by CAJ in the Drew League last summer), and we look forward to following his career wherever it might lead.

Someone is going to get a player slight of build, but never of heart. Good luck to Corey as he pursues the next chapter in his life. We'll miss watching him.