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Tulane at USF Preview: Regular Season Finale

The Green Wave enter the Sun Dome this afternoon as the Bulls' regular basketball season draws to a close. There's a decent chance USF can grab a win, which could greatly help their chances in the conference tournament.

Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

The Bulls are hoping to avenge an overtime loss at Tulane from two months ago, and should be brimming with confidence after their annihilation of UCF on Wednesday. A win this afternoon would make two in a row, which has not happened since Thanksgiving. Remember that week when USF beat Hofstra and Jacksonville back to back? Neither does anyone else; it has been a long season.

Anthony Collins will continue to shoot more today, trying to make up for Corey Allen Jr.'s absence. He was 6 of 9 for 12 points in the UCF rout. The freshmen Bulls will also be trying to continue their recent success this afternoon. Troy Holston Jr. has been nailing three pointers lately, going 11 of 18 in the last three games. Ruben Guerrero and Bo Zeigler combine for 73 blocks so far this season, and Zeigler has also been shining on offense. Holston Jr. and Zeigler each notched double-doubles on Wednesday.

Tulane's season has gone off the rails; the Green Wave just lost in overtime to Houston, marking their fifth consecutive loss. The man to look out for is junior guard Louis Dabney, who averages 13.9 points per game. He's 6-3, rarely turns the ball over, and can shoot from three point range decently. If Dabney is shut down, USF can probably outrun and out-shoot the rest of the team.

Despite what you may have heard or decided about this season, this game does matter. The AAC Championship bracket currently looks like this:

A loss today means that USF will cement the eleventh seed spot, and play UConn in round one on Thursday. As bad as UConn has been this year, tournament play has been their bread and butter for years. Facing them in the first round would almost certainly mean a loss. Playing ECU (who the Bulls have already beaten once this year) is a much more desirable situation.

Houston has the tie-breaker over USF, and they play East Carolina tomorrow in their final regular season game. If they win, they have the tenth seed, but if USF wins and Houston loses, the Bulls are tenth and start the tournament against ECU instead of UConn.

Soon this disastrous season will be in the books, and we can all move on, but pay attention today at 4:00. It's the team's last game in the Sun Dome, and they really do have something to play for.