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2015 USF Football Roster Update: No Derrick Calloway, Diontae Johnson, Trevon Sands, Eric Briggs

The release has been made official: here are the casualties we can see so far.

Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

The 2015 USF Football roster is up. Here's what we know:

* Derrick Calloway is not listed. The former 4-star prospect was a coup for Willie Taggart's initial recruiting class, as he flipped him from Louisville late in the process. Calloway ended last season as a starter on the D-Line as just a sophomore after playing as a true freshman. He'll be a loss to the Bulls in 2015.

I heard about this awhile ago, and made a tweet referencing it that got some people in a tizzy. My explanation of that is here. I've also had a Google Alert for Calloway since I found out, and nothing has hit it indicated where he will land.

* Wide receiver Diontae Johnson is not on the roster. The late addition to the 2015 class from Ruskin Lennard was expected to be with USF this fall, but has been offered by Toledo as well and appears to be heading there. Bulls247 ($$) spoke with him last night and got some details about what happened, but he indicated he's heading to Toledo.

Looks like this is another case of a recruit being NCAA eligible, but not USF eligible. This is something we hope to cover more in-depth soon.

* Running back Trevon Sands is not on the roster. The 2015 signee from Miami Southwest was expected to add depth at the position. But with Marlon Mack, D'Ernest Johnson, and Darius Tice likely ahead of him, he wasn't expected to contribute much in 2015. Walk-ons Zaybreion Gunter and Tyler Pippens (currently listed as "Pippens Tyler"??) are also providing depth at the position, as well as fantastic names.

Glen Bethel IS still listed. ($$) had more information on this last night, noting that this admission apparently is in flux. Sign up for a free trial over there if you'd like to know more. The JC transfer from Arizona Western CC (the same school Kendall Sawyer and Sta'fon McCray just left the Bulls to attend) was expected to contribute immediately. if he's still on there as of now, he certainly hasn't been rejected in full by the school yet it seems.

* Punter Eric Briggs is not on the roster. With Ray Guy candidate Mattias Ciabatti in front of him, he wasn't expected to play... but even punters can get hurt. Is this is a situation where he'll be added after other roster casualties at a later date? For many reasons listed here, we're certainly rooting for him to be a Bull this fall.

* QB Austin Parker is also not on the roster, but apparently that happened awhile ago.

<blockquote class="twitter-tweet" data-partner="tweetdeck"><p lang="da" dir="ltr"><a href="">@USFCollin</a> Parker left after spring.</p>&mdash; Josh Newberg (@joshnewberg247) <a href="">July 28, 2015</a></blockquote>

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* As of this second (4:45 p.m.), there are 107 players on the USF roster. There's a cap of 105 for all FBS schools (85 scholarships, up to 20 walk-ons), so this is too many and we'll see how it shakes out. Fall camp opens Aug. 6th, and with the diligence of USF Compliance, I'm sure only 105 guys will be on the field.

* When we started writing this piece, there were 97 players on the roster, and then it was 109, and currently it's 107. My Twitter was fun today!

So that's where we are. Fun times for yours truly at Buddy Brew Coffee on Kennedy this afternoon!

What say you about the updates and changes??