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USF Releases Fall Camp Depth Chart

A handful of surprises, a handful of not surprises.

Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

While Collin continues to admirably go all Don Quixote on the new USF roster changes today, let's take a moment to review the new depth chart, which was released a few hours ago as well. As always, take this with a grain of salt-- while it's a better indicator than the spring depth chart, most of the position battles will be decided in fall camp, and we'll definitely see a few true freshman crack the two-deep.

QB: Steven Bench, Sr. OR Quinton Flowers, So.
HB: Marlon Mack, So.
Darius Tice, Jr.
D'Ernest Johnson, So.
WR (Z): Rodney Adams, Jr.
A.J. Legree, Jr.
WR (X): Ryeshene Bronson, So.
Stanley Clerveaux, rFr.
WR (Slot): Rodney Adams, Jr.
Chase Whitehead, rFr.
TE: Sean Price, Sr.
Elkanah Dillion, rFr. OR Marlon Pope, Sr.
RT: Mak Djulbegovic, Sr.
Clavion Nelson, Jr.
RG: Brynjar Gudmundsson, Sr.
Dominique Threatt, Jr.
C: Cameron Ruff, So.
Michael Galati, rFr.
LG: Jeremi Hall, So.
Thor Jozwiak, Sr.
LT: Kofi Amichia, Jr.
Benjamin Knox, rFr.

DE: Eric Lee, Sr.
Mike Love, So.
DT: James Hamilton, Sr.
Kevin Bronson, rFr.
DT: Deadrin Senat, So.
Bruce Hector, So.
DE (Bull): Zack Bullock, Sr.
Josh Black, So.
MLB: Auggie Sanchez, So.
Danny Thomas, Fr.
WLB: Tashon Whitehurst, Sr.
Nigel Harris, Jr.
Husky: Jamie Byrd, Sr.
Jalen Spencer, Jr.
FS: Tajee Fullwood, So.
Devin Abraham, So.
SS: Nate Godwin, Jr.
Hassan Childs, Jr.
CB: Deatrick Nichols, So.
Lamar Robbins, Jr.
CB: Johnny Ward, Jr.
Mazzi Wilkins, rFr.

P: Mattias Ciabatti, Sr.
Emilio Nadelman, So.
PK: Emilio Nadelman, So.
Michael Hill, Sr.
H: Mattias Ciabatti, Sr.
Alex Mut, Jr.
LS: Alex Salvato, Jr.
KO: Emilio Nadelman, So.
Michael Hill, Sr.
KR: D'Ernest Johnson, So.
Rodney Adams, Jr.
PR: Hassan Childs, Jr.

- The all-too-familiar "OR" between Bench and Flowers remains, much to the chagrin of literally every USF fan everywhere. Don't despair, though-- the QB battle was probably always going to stretch into fall camp, and while I'm sure Taggart would have loved to name Flowers (who, by all indications, has the edge on the job) the starter in spring, Steven was every bit Quinton's equal. Don't write Bench off just yet.

- Darius Tice appears to have a leg up on D'Ernest Johnson for the backup halfback spot, but all three backs (along with Kennard Swanson) should get a fair amount of touches. Tice had a strong spring but Johnson can play; Taggart needs to find a way to spread the love in the backfield.

- No surprises at receiver. The top three (Adams, Bronson, Legree) is pretty locked in, but perhaps a true freshman like Chris Barr can jump into the mix and provide some depth-- there's not much beyond the starters.

- The offensive line is a mess. With Glen Bethel's status still up in the air-- and there's no guarantee he plays immediately even if he winds up in fall camp-- there's very little sign of potential improvement here. The Bulls have a walk-on and a converted defensive lineman at right tackle, and the youngsters haven't (yet) been able to unseat some of the more ineffective veterans at the top of the chart. Pray we see some upward trajectory for guys like Benjamin Knox, Michael Galati, and the not-listed Reilly Gibbons. Related: Why the heck is Thor Jozwiak second-string? He's pretty much the only vaguely proven offensive lineman on the roster right now.

- Derrick Calloway is gone for academic reasons, and despite rumors that he could return after this season, I wouldn't hold my breath. Calloway is a big loss, but the front line should hold up okay with James Hamilton sliding in to take his spot. I'm much more worried about depth, with two unproven players backing up the tackles and not much at all behind Eric Lee and Mike Love at end. I'm also surprised to see Zack Bullock first-string at Bull, a position I figured was tailor-made for Josh Black. Hoping we see more out of younger guys like Black and Juwuan Brown in the fall.

- Nigel Harris at second-string linebacker behind Tashon Whitehurst isn't that much of a shock, given that he was suspended for a decent portion of the summer. I think Harris will reassert himself into the starting lineup just fine, but I'm really excited about Whitehurst in the 4-2-5-- he should be in line for a big season. Also very nice to see true freshman and early enrollee Danny Thomas already on the two-deep. He's a very good bet to play early and often.

- I swear, USF has been rotating young bodies in the secondary for what seems like years, so I'd like to see some congruity between the fall and summer lineups. Jamie Byrd's spot is secure, obviously, but now-veterans Nate Godwin and Johnny Ward were wavering a bit at the end of last season. It'd be lovely to see Godwin and Ward, along with Tajee Fullwood at free safety, assert themselves in the first line this season. It's also disappointing to see that uber-talented Lamar Robbins hasn't carved out a niche for himself yet.

- Special teams are pretty straightforward. The only notable absence is backup punter and my new favorite player Eric Briggs. His status in up in the air right now, so hopefully USF has a better Plan B than Emilio Nadelman pulling double duty.