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Cecil Cherry transfers from Texas to USF

The three-star freshman linebacker from Frostproof will have to sit out in 2015, but he's another member of #ALLTHETRANSFERS

After just three practices for the Texas Longhorns, linebacker Cecil Cherry was granted his release from the school last week, and it appears he's about to enroll at USF.

<blockquote class="twitter-tweet" data-partner="tweetdeck"><p lang="en" dir="ltr">2 weeks ago FR LB Cecil Cherry was starting practice at <a href="">#Texas</a>.  Today reports are out that he&#39;s transferred to <a href="">#USF</a>&#10;&#10;<a href=""></a></p>&mdash; Josh Newberg (@joshnewberg247) <a href="">August 18, 2015</a></blockquote>

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The above ESPN report quoted Cherry's Dad as saying Texas wasn't where he should have gone after decomitting from Tennessee.

"It's just not the right fit for him," Winston Cherry said. "Once he gets his [release] papers, we'll find him a home with someone who needs him. He needs to be somewhere where he's needed real bad."

Some other interesting quotes from the story:

"Tennessee was a perfect fit for him," Winston Cherry said. "Texas wasn't the right place for him to go. I knew this wasn't going to last, because the simple fact is this wasn't put together right. It was just a matter of time."

He also noted his son was disappointed by the fact that he was assigned the No. 52 jersey for this season instead of his preferred No. 3.

Cherry's transfer means of the "Florida Five" that Charlie Strong recruited to Austin, only Miami's Davante Davis is in camp with the team right now. had Cherry rated as the 13th best inside linebacker and 423rd best player in the Class of 2015.

USF Fall semester classes start Monday, but his admission or addition to the football roster has not been confirmed by the school at this time. Following normal NCAA transfer rules, it appears that Cherry would have to sit out the 2015 season but still have four full seasons of eligibility remaining.