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Quinton Flowers named USF's starting quarterback

After a battle that lasted through both Spring & Fall camp, Flowers beats out senior Steven Bench and will be under center against FAMU.

Tim Heitman-USA TODAY Sports

USF Football has named Quinton Flowers USF's starting quarterback against FAMU just 12 days from today.

On our podcast I thought Flowers would get it, even though from the parts of camp that we saw Bench seemed ever-so-slightly ahead. It's logical that Bench would need to win by knockout and he couldn't just get by on a decision: USF has a reason to play Flowers as much as possible to further his development since he's only a sophomore & Bench is a senior.

Taggart will be made available to the media tomorrow after morning practice to talk about his reasons for the decision.

Something else to be noted: since this was announced today, and USF Fall classes also began today, Bench can't transfer and practice anywhere else in 2015. Update: Bench has already  raduated from USF and could play somewhere else in 2016 since he's never redshirted if he didn't see the field this season, but now he won't be allowed to leave for another college (assuming he has registered for USF Fall semester classes and went this morning). Once you attend a class you're tied to that school for at least the balance of the semester, which in football means the entire season.

Bench played two games at Penn State during his true freshman year in 2012, including one against Purdue late in the season that would negate the ability to get a redshirt. He transferred to USF without having to sit out a year due to the Jerry Sandusky-related sanctions, and played in seven games in 2013 and six games in 2014 for the Bulls.

All that can be said about Flowers has been written, and there would be significant questions about the offense no matter who was named quarterback. But now that the decision has been made, it'll be up to Flowers to prove he can keep the ball moving forward this season. The QB position is clearly the biggest question mark on USF's roster, and his success or failure will go a long way to determining how far the Bulls can go in 2015.

And keep in mind: Willie Taggart hasn't exactly been afraid to change plans when things aren't going well at that position. Remember: the captain of the 2013 USF offense was Matt Floyd.