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Audio: USF Coach Willie Taggart on 620WDAE (08.27.15)

Yesterday coach Willie Taggart hopped on his weekly call with the boys over at 620WDAE to discuss naming rising sophomore Quinton Flowers the starting quarterback for the season opener against FAMU Sept. 5th.

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Yesterday USF head coach Willie Taggart sent Bulls Nation into a frenzy after reportedly stating that he planned to use senior quarterback Steven Bench, presumably in a considerable way, in the 2015 opener against FAMU despite naming sophomore Quinton Flowers the starter the previous day.

After listening to the entire interview, it felt like Taggart was being respectful to the Penn State transfer more than degrading the starting role designation. That's my opinion at least.

And I say that praying to the heavens that the USF faithful will not be subjected to another episode of the Taggart round-robin quarterback series.... More importantly, I hope Flowers separates himself in game one eliminating all doubt. The key word being 'hope'.

Have a listen and share your thoughts below.