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Only Marlon Mack Days Until USF Football

Your favorite running back is primed for a successful sophomore year.

Jonathan Dyer-USA TODAY Sports
#5 RB Marlon Mack
Sophomore 6'0", 200 lbs.

Stats in 2014: Mack's impact was immediate last year, as he tied USF's single game rushing record with 275 yards in his debut against Western Carolina. He finished the season as the best running back in the conference with 1,041 yards and AAC Rookie of the Year honors. He started in all twelve games and ran for nine touchdowns. Mack also had 21 receptions for 160 yards. It's impossible to imagine last year's team without him.

Spot on Fall Depth Chart: starting halfback above Darius Tice.

How He Came to USF: From Booker High School in Sarasota, where he played running back and safety. Mack had offers from several Big Ten schools, as well as Louisville and UCLA, among others. He seemed almost committed to Louisville at one point, before visiting and committing to USF in late January, 2014.

Recruiting Rankings: ESPN gave Mack four stars; everyone else gave him three.

Projected Playing Time: Mack is the star of the team and is poised to keep improving for the next three years. He is smart, agile and fast, and now has a full season under his belt. With D'Ernest Johnson, Darius Tice and Kennard Swanson complementing him in the backfield, he may not outdo last year's performance . . . but he probably will. As the most reliable option in the offense, he'll get the ball a lot.

Following up his outstanding freshman year will be difficult, but there's no reason his performance on the field shouldn't improve. Running the ball will still be USF's primary strategy, even though it will look different this year. When the Bulls don't run, there's a good chance the ball gets thrown to a running back in a swing pass check down, and Mack will be the primary target in those situations. Basically, as Quinton Flowers and Marlon Mack go, so goes the entire USF offense.

Highlights: This was Mack's record-breaking first game, in which he stepped out of the shadows and into our hearts.