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GambollllllCast: The Bad Beat Junction Edition

Let’s hope you didn’t spend all that money we made you in Week 4.

Despite this man’s best efforts, we still couldn’t cover the Western Kentucky game.

In your favorite podcast for those that love the world's greatest sport in college football and inveterate degeneracy, this week Jamie DeVriend and Collin Sherwin kick things off by recounting all the fake Protect Your Unit money they gave back in Week 5 after a lights out Week 4.

There’s also a bet made LIVE WHILE YOU LISTEN on a game that no longer exists (Navy vs ECU, postponed since taping). and pick a few others with some potential. Upon further inspection, Wake Forest & Miami are still looking good here.

Also since taping, the UConn-USF total came out at 52.5. FIRE THE OVER ALARM THIS IS NOT A DRILL!!!