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The Unnamed USF Podcast: The Steven Bench Knows More About Football Than Us Edition

Usually our podcast embraces mediocrity, but this week with Steven Bench we actually got insightful and informative. We’ll try to lower your expectations again soon.

Miami v South Florida Photo by Brian Blanco/Getty Images

Normally our podcast is criminally under-produced, full of ranting and inside jokes, and lots of USF takes of varying quality. But this week we’re actually good, and that’s because former USF quarterback Steven Bench brought things like “knowledge” and “insight” to our airwaves.

There’s some great stuff here from a bright guy fresh from the program that is not only a football junkie & lifer, but also able to communicate concepts really well.

Among the things discussed:

  • A recap of USF 38, ECU 22
  • Some insight into run-pass option football
  • Why the USF run defense has struggled so far, and how they can fix it
  • An in-depth description of what a week of practice looks like for a USF player
  • The attendance for Homecoming, and how it affects both players and recruits
  • Why UConn should, or possibly shouldn’t, scare USF
  • How a week preparing for Navy and a triple-option team is different than any other team
  • Predictions for UConn (SPOILER ALERT: we all picked USF)

It’s a great one, and a can’t miss for any Bulls fan. But don’t worry, there’s still plenty of random jokes and non sequitur asides because #brand!