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First 300 Student Cars With Four or More People Get Free Parking for Football Game Saturday

USF responds to complaints by hooking up students with free parking for Saturday’s game.

That’s a clown car bro

The complaints that $20 for parking is too much for students after last Saturday’s lack of attendance didn’t fall on deaf ears at USF Athletics. The school announced today that the first 300 student driven cars WITH AT LEAST FOUR PASSENGERS will get a free parking pass for the game. Only the driver has to present a USF ID at the gate. Students will receive the parking pass as they enter the gate.

We say at least four because well:

Daily Mail
Daily Mail

“USF students are encouraged to arrive early and enjoy beautiful tailgate weather with sunny skies, low humidity and temperatures in the low 80 forecast prior to game time Saturday,” USF Athletics said.

The weather shouldn’t be a problem on Saturday either so check off another box.

The student parking is in Lot 8 located off of Himes Avenue on the South side of the stadium. The lot is near the Student Government tailgate and the Bulls Zone.

Also, the Bulls Stampede that happens before every home game will take place at 4:25 on Saturday and is also near the student lot so you can cheer on the team as they enter the stadium.

This is a great gesture from the school to the students in hopes of getting more fan support for frankly one of the most exciting offenses in the nation. We hope they take advantage of it and enjoy the game and come back for the rest of the season.

No word on whether this is a one-time thing or will continue for the rest of the season but if there’s a big turnout the school may look to make this more permanent.

The game starts at 7 p.m., lots open at 2 p.m. so tailgate early, and get into the stadium before kickoff.