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USF vs. UConn Tweetcap

Everyone’s thoughts on the game from twitter dot com.

Connecticut v South Florida Photo by Jason Behnken / Getty Images

Let Twitter summarize USF’s 42-27 win over Connecticut.

OK, let’s take a timeout here for a minute.

Since the season began, Collin has been lobbying anyone he can think of to play the entrance music of WWE’s Bobby Roode during a USF game.

The USF athletics staff has resisted very hard, and we couldn’t figure out why because we thought it would kill. Anyway, on Friday Athletics put out a call for fans to suggest music to play at the game. Collin and most of us proceeded to bombard them with votes for Glorious Domination. (I thought about tossing in pointless votes for some of my favorite Gordon Lightfoot songs, but decided we were causing enough trouble.)

After Mitchell Wilcox ripped that touchdown pass away to seal the victory... #GLORIOUSBOMB

If anyone has video of the #GLORIOUSBOMB, we will make you Internet famous. Now back to our regularly scheduled tweetcap.

USF is now 6-1, 3-0 in conference play, and headed to Philadelphia for a big game at Temple Friday night. As for UConn...