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Protect Your Unit Week 8 Results

A record high, and some near-misses.

NCAA Football: Oregon at California
One of many touchdowns in the Oregon-California game.
Kelley L Cox-USA TODAY Sports

(DISCLAIMER: This contest is for entertainment purposes only. No actual money is being wagered.)

The over of 89.5 points in the Oregon-California game was the highest over recorded since 1980. The Ducks and Bears exceeded it, though they needed overtime after regulation ended 42-42. This was bad news for some of our players: andrewpina, snafu13, and gym399 all bet the under.

It was worse news for defdans, who had a winning parlay if that game hadn’t gone to OT. He played Oregon-Cal under 89, Illinois +39, and Texas A&M +19. The third wager was a push, but winning that under would have resulted in a $520 win ($200 fake dollars at 2.6 to 1).

Every other attempt at a parlay this week was very close to winning:

  • ULhothot: $300, two wins, had Troy -8.5 (they won by 7)
  • UCScott: $50, two wins, had UConn +4.5 (they lost by 8)
  • BullsOnParade: $375, two wins, had USF -6.5
  • Bullmartin: $250, one win, had USF -6.5

On the plus side, andrewpina bet big on Syracuse to beat Boston College outright, and won $441 for his trouble. His net gain for the week was $351, far and away the best result.


lrdnorman 3804.88 98.91
bullmartin 2766.8 -304.55
diddybull32 1979.11 -68.18
bullbard 1809.45 0
mmmmsnouts 1614.05 97.16
Snafu13 1403.19 70.91
eastcoastbull 1347.24 -154.55
AndrewPina 1310.88 351
collin 1258.25 0
ucscott 1238.21 17.27
GaryStephen 1122.59 -131.82
USFalum7 1063.64 0
ElliotMoore 991 -98.18
BullsOnParade96 939.67 11.98
dsidwell31 935.72 -114.55
gym399 916.73 -83.18
ULhothot 911.37 -197.05
jjlovecub 855 0
DaGata 822.51 -120
MC3443 788.64 0
Gibbsak 773.67 -27.27
defdans 585.12 -250

lrdnorman just keeps chugging along, adding to his big parlay win from a couple weeks ago.

Floyd’s Money Team Degenerate Bet of the Week goes to dsidwell31 for betting on one of my favorite teams, Eastern Michigan, to beat undefeated/Top 20 Western Michigan outright. They lost, but gave WMU a battle. EMU is solid. Third-year coach Chris Creighton has improved the attitude and talent level at a school whose own faculty and staff told them to give it up before this season. They’ll win 7 or 8 games, which is tall cotton for a program that hasn’t been to a bowl game since 1990.

Randolph and Mortimer Spite Bet of the Week goes to ucscott, for a parlay wager he called “the real devils three-way.” That’s Kentucky, Connecticut, and Navy. I can only imagine how a Cincinnati fan must feel about having to bet on those schools. If he could have worked Ohio State, Louisville, and Xavier basketball in, the gates of hell themselves might have opened.

In Week 9: Clemson is at Florida State; floundering Michigan State gets a shot to save their season against Michigan; unbeaten Nebraska gets it first tough test against Wisconsin; and Washington visits Utah.

In the AAC, USF gets another Friday night game, this time at home against Navy. The Navy school record for rushing yards in a game is 520, vs. Central Michigan in 2003. Just, uh, throwing that out there. Central Florida is at Houston; UConn at East Carolina; Tulsa at Memphis; Cincinnati at Temple; and SMU at Tulane.