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The Unnamed USF Podcast: The It Ain’t Over Edition

It’s hard to remember after the awful loss to Temple, but USF still has a chance to win a conference championship this season.

South Florida v Temple Photo by Mitchell Leff/Getty Images

In this week's episode, Collin Sherwin, Paul Leistner, Tyler Davey, and Steven Bench talk about USF's loss at Temple, the problems with the run defense, and whether USF can get it fixed this week. It doesn't help that Navy is coming.

We're also puzzled by the spread on this game (USF -8!!), and try to remember that yes, USF can absolutely still win a conference championship this season. It ain't over, and there's still a ton to play for. But there might not be with a loss this week.

It's a winding conversation, but one you should really enjoy. Particularly from Bench, who brings an insight to this thing none of us would have otherwise.

If you're waiting for the iTunes feed to be working again, "Hang on, help's comin'!" Should have that solved by the end of business tomorrow.