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The Unnamed USF Podcast: Post-Regular Season Edition

The only USF podcast in the world wraps up the Bulls’ 10-2 regular season.

NCAA Football: Central Florida at South Florida Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

Live on tape from the WBUL studios, it’s our relentlessly mediocre and still unnamed USF podcast! Collin Sherwin, Elliot Moore, Carl Zee, and FOB Paul Leistner got together Wednesday evening to talk about:

  • USF beating UCF and the scene in the stands
  • Marlon Mack individually owning half the Knights’ defense on his 56-yard touchdown run
  • Who might be interested in Willie Taggart for their big-time coaching job?
  • Navy vs. Western Michigan for the Group of 5 bowl bid
  • USF’s bowl destinations are trash and many of their potential bowl opponents are also trash
  • But it would be funny to watch Big Dumb Will Muschamp grimace and sweat and yell on the opposite sideline
  • Can USF find a way to upgrade their non-conference schedule next year?
  • Rational Raymond Woodie talk!
  • Men’s basketball: 1-1 against owls!

Hopefully we can continue the podcast now that football season is almost over, but then we’d have to talk about USF men’s basketball, and that is something we would really rather not do.