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Five Question Friday: The New Coach Edition

So what do you think about the new guy?

TCU v Texas Photo by Chris Covatta/Getty Images

The bowl game isn’t for two more weeks, women’s basketball doesn’t play again until Monday, and though the men’s team has a squash match tomorrow vs. #15 South Carolina (they’re wearing cool Spanish jerseys!), there isn’t much going on right now.

We bring back 5QF because... #CONTENT!

  1. On a scale of 12-64, how would you grade the hiring of Charlie Strong?
  2. Do you think bringing in a coach with more “#brand” than any the Bulls have had before will help sell more season tickets next season?
  3. USF used a search firm to help hire Strong: Eastman-Beaudine, the same firm that was retained to help hire Mark Harlan. Does this concern you at all?
  4. It’s Holiday Party season: have ugly sweater parties Jumped The Shark?
  5. #19 Women’s basketball is flat-slaughtering everyone they play. They might be frighteningly good. How much do you follow that team? Do you go to games?