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Quick Wrap-up and Haiku: USF 46, South Carolina 39

The Bulls finish the 2016 at 11-2 for the first double-digit win total in school history.

NCAA Football: Birmingham Bowl-South Florida vs South Carolina Shanna Lockwood-USA TODAY Sports

Q put on a show
The defense barely held on
Eleven and two

Any thoughts of the Bulls coming out flat like many of their AAC compatriots have done during bowl season were laid to waste in the first quarter. Quinton Flowers did magical things, extending plays with his feet, and making them with his arm. He was fantastic, and was named MVP.

The Bulls started with nothing to lose or fear. They went for two on their opening TD out of a swinging gate, and converted. They attempted an onside kick up three scores in the third quarter. They ran formations which looked like a kindergarten class designed them as a class project. It was just glorious.

And then...

They got scared of their own shadow, going ultra-conservative on their last two drives. The defense that was aggressive and free early couldn’t tackle. Guys were sliding all over the field (the turf was awful). And USC did enough to send it to overtime.

Overtime Haiku (from Gary):

Flowers at the start
frustration in the middle...
and Love at the end.

More once Nathan and I get back from the locker rooms and press conference.