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Courtney Williams Traded to Connecticut Sun

Back to the floor where she had some of her most memorable games, Courtney Williams heads to Mohegan Sun.

David Butler II-USA TODAY Sports

The USF Women's Basketball G.O.A.T. is heading to familiar territory.

She should know the new digs as for four seasons she played in the Big East and AAC Conference Tournaments at Mohegan Sun, the home court of her new team.

The trade makes sense because Court was stuck in a logjam in Phoenix. She was averaging just 4.2 minutes per game for the Mercury, and played in only six of their 14 games this season. She's too good to ride the pine, so this should get her more PT. Unless she eats all that Bobby Flay's Burger Palace and Hash House A-Go-Go. Stay out of the buffets and the pits, Courtney.

I signed up for text message promotions at Mohegan when I was up there for the tournament this year. They REALLY want me to come back. "Free show tickets! Free hotel rooms!" Apparently the dice tables want their money returned. Might have to journey up there and give them a shot at it while watching Court begin her pro career.