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Willie Taggart/Jim Harbaugh "Day In The Bay" Camp Tweetcap

Michigan coach Jim Harbaugh and USF coach Willie Taggart teamed up to host one of Harbaugh's satellite camps in Tampa yesterday.

Jonathan Dyer-USA TODAY Sports

When Jim Harbaugh and Willie Taggart co-hosted a Michigan satellite camp on campus last year, we asked around and declared it a very good idea. It brought a lot of prospects to USF's campus, far more than USF could ever have brought in on their own. Even if there are 400 kids there and every single one of them wanted to be a Wolverine, Michigan can't possibly sign them all. Plus Michigan has a national recruiting profile and they're after a different group of athletes than USF is. And as an added bonus, this year USF is actually good at football again!

As soon as the NCAA reversed themselves on satellite camps a few weeks ago, the second annual Harbaugh-Taggart camp was right back on the calendar. It went down yesterday on the USF campus. Although there are no new commits to report (even if there were, we would take them with a grain of salt seeing as there are eight months to go until National Signing Day), we put together some highlights from Twitter:

Let's stop for a minute. Those khaki pants, man.


Harbaugh, my man, you need to take someone up on a pants endorsement. I have nicer pants than you and I make, like, 1% of what you make in a year.

Anyway, here's why Michigan and USF didn't tweet anything about the camp. That's also why this tweetcap is a lot shorter than usual.

And finally, Harbaugh talking. I think he might be suffering from heat stroke in this video.

Tito Benach at Bulls247 has a free article posted about the camp and some thoughts from Taggart on why he's happy to host one, even if another school's coach is along for the ride.

"I can’t find them, I’m still trying to find a negative. The only thing that you keep hearing is someone coming in your territory, what are we talking about, this is America," Taggart said. "Everybody is recruiting down here anyways, so you’re gonna get upset about a guy working three hours?

"It changes things a little bit and usually people get offended. I think it’s great for college football, but more importantly I think it’s great for student athletes, so parents don’t have to come out of pocket as much to get kids up to campuses," said Taggart. "There’s no good excuse for not having them."

Exactly right. Why make kids, many from very poor families, scrape together the money to visit a school hundreds or thousands of miles away if the coach is willing to come down and do the work? Beats complaining to your commissioner, claiming with a straight face that this hurts kids, and trying to outlaw anything that makes your jobs a little harder, doesn't it?