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USF Reveals 2016 Football Poster, Featuring Marlon Mack

Yeah, this is pretty sick.

Make sure you grab a Marlon Mack graced poster for the 2016 season.
Make sure you grab a Marlon Mack graced poster for the 2016 season.

The dark, black void of the offseason is here, which means for marketing teams everywhere, it's officially jersey/helmet/schedule/hype video/poster reveal season to get you JACKED UP for the season that's slowly approaching.

For USF on Tuesday, that came in the form of a sweet poster reveal on Vine through the musical stylings of Mystikal:

After teasing it in pieces on the team's Instagram page yesterday, USF Football revealed the Marlon Mack-themed poster that continues the award winning Bulls Unite campaign from last season. Mack is coming off a record-breaking season on the ground and is quickly approaching every school rushing record USF has, so it's an obvious choice to have him grace the poster.

You can get a free poster at one of the "Kickoff With Coach Taggart" events happening throughout the Bay Area this week, or you can simply drop by the Lee Roy Selmon Athletics Center on campus and pick one up there.

We will definitely keep an eye out for more promotions being released over the next few months because, well, it's not like there's much going on right now. Please hurry, football season.