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Piesman Trophy 2016: Help Us Nominate A Bull

SB Nation’s award for the lineman doing the best non-lineman thing is back for 2016. Help us add a Bull to the preseason watch list.

Southeastern Louisiana’s Ashton Henderson won the 2015 Piesman Trophy.
SB Nation

Last year SB Nation introduced the Piesman Trophy, a college football award devoted to the big man who makes the most un-lineman play of the year. Trick plays for linemen, pass receptions, super-athletic interceptions, fat guy touchdowns, things like that. The 2015 winner was Southeastern Louisiana's Ashton Henderson, who made a spectacular scoop and score.

SB Nation asked its college blogs for nominations to their 2016 preseason watch list a few days ago. We’d love to nominate a USF player to the watch list, but we don’t know who to choose. Only one offensive lineman has ever carried or thrown or caught the ball for USF. Elkanah Dillon isn’t big enough to nominate, despite his fantastic touchdown grab last year. The defensive line is in flux, Shawn Hill and his tremendous pick against SMU graduated, and we don’t even know if the most talented player and obvious Piesman watch list choice is going to be allowed to play.

So we need your help. Who would make a good candidate for the Piesman? Do we pick a guy with offensive potential? A defensive tackle who might do something amazing? Or take a flier on someone new? Vote in our poll and tell us about your choice in the comments. Let’s do this, everyone.