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Last Chance For Cheap Bulls Block Party Tickets

Get them now because after Saturday they cost more.


Friendly reminder that the Bulls Block Party in Ybor City is August 20th, but ticket prices increase from $10 to $15 after this coming Saturday, July 16th.

No, they're not paying us to push this. We just think it's high time there's a big event to get people ready for football. And weekend day drinking in Ybor is just the best. So we'll be out there full of good bourbon and local craft beer with visions of 13-0 dancing in our heads.

There's a few steps for improving USF's current conference alignment, and engaging the alumni base and getting them excited about their alma mater is a big one of them. FSU does an event like this in Ybor before the season starts too that massive business and has for years. USF people need to start being excited about being USF people. All the ducks are finally in a row. It's time to give a damn again. Let's start "The Year USF Got It Fixed" correctly.

So don't just buy a ticket to the Block Party, but like their page on Facebook as well, and share it with all your friends. And while you're at it, like The Daily Stampede on Facebook too. And follow us on Twitter. We might make it worth your while soon if you're do all those things before this event.