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The Unnamed USF Podcast: Let’s Football! Less Than Seven Weeks Away!

Football is almost here. Let’s set some huge expectations and pray we meet them!

In this episode, Jamie DeVriend and Collin Sherwin catch up on the summer just 50 days from football (we taped this on Friday)! We discuss the sports of last season, review the best and worst of USF in 2015-16, and start getting ready football by previewing the rest of the AAC East Division. Guess what: it’s trash.

We threw a couple Easter Eggs in here too that we’re not listing here so that you’ll listen. For the diehard USF fan, there’s some good stuff.

It was fun to do these again, and we're starting up a bit earlier than we normally do as we get excited about the start of a USF Football season for the first time this decade.

You can listen here:

or pull it up on iTunes as well.