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USF Picked To Win American Conference East Division in Preseason Poll

Blake Guthrie

The Bulls are the choice of the AAC Media in their division, and two voters picked them to win the league.

Also to be noted is one voter picked Temple to win the league. That voter is making a kissy-face to his picture of Matt Rhule right now. I’d also like to mention that I don’t get a vote. Not that I’m biased or anything, however...

I think the voters got it right. Houston is clearly the class of the league, and will likely need to drop a game to give anyone else a chance to host the championship. I might move SMU up a hair and back Memphis down some, but these are small grievances.

I also agree that Tulane and C. Florida will absolutely suck this year. Scott Frost will get it right for the Knights eventually, but he’s in way too big of a talent hole presently. He got Holtz’ed by O’Leary. And Tulane will look like Bourbon Street on a Sunday morning. Someone that can throw it outside the numbers needs to enroll in Uptown STAT.

What say you? Agree or disagree with the media members being plied with free lobster and golf in Newport this week?

(I’d be there too, but real-job stuff got in the way. Bad job by me as everyone keeps telling me how fun this event always is. Follow Joey Knight and Josh Appel on social media for the best stuff from the local guys).