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USF Football Reveals New SoFlo Helmets For Towson Game

New uniform combination! Oregon comparisons!

USF's new green SoFlo helmet.
USF's new green SoFlo helmet.

USF revealed the "SoFlo Remix" today on Twitter, with a new green helmet the Bulls will wear in the season opener against Towson on Saturday, September 3. (The game kicks off at 7. Get your tickets now.)

The dark matte green version is something that Athletics has been sitting on for a while now, and I've been waiting forever to see the full combo. Personally, after the startling white helmet for the past two years, the dark green fits a lot better with the overall darker scheme of the uniform.

The "bright new uniforms" has been compared to Oregon, which makes me laugh because the jerseys and pants have been around for two years already, but hey, national recognition.

Flashy uniforms tend to be a polarizing topic, so if you think these are awful, let us know in the comments, where I will tell you that your opinion is wrong and that you need to go rethink your entire life.