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The Dirty Dozen: Towson

A very low-information preview of USF football's first opponent in 2016, because Towson hasn't shared it with anyone. The rest of these will be better.

Temple University v South Florida Photo by Cliff McBride/Getty Images

What’s a Towson? We don’t know either. And they don’t answer phone calls or tweets. This got back nada.

We asked USF’s media relations folks, and they don’t have anything from them, either. So here’s what we do know:

Apparently Towson University is located just north of Baltimore. They are the Tigers, and play in FCS’s Colonial Athletic Association. They were 7-4 last season, 5-3 in their conference, and opened last season with a 28-20 loss to East Carolina.

They get written about in the local media rarely. Here’s a video from a local news outlet that sent a camera to campus. They got some quotes from head coach Rob Ambrose:

"As long as we stay relatively healthy, we should be pretty good on both sides of the ball" Ambrose said. "And I'm expecting us to play really good defense."

"They're a group of crazy guys...we just like having fun and football is fun, so that's what he do," he said.

They had a scrimmage on Saturday, and they sports’ed. The defense ran back two INT’s, and forced some turnovers.

"Too many turnovers, too many penalties, but a whole lot of good," said head coach Rob Ambrose.  "As frustrated as I am that we are not ready to win a football game, I can definitely see it coming.  I am glad we still have two weeks to go."

And they have an offensive line coach that calls the combination of their five offensive lineman and quarterback the "Sexy Six." Do with that what you will, USF Student Section.

Eight offensive linemen with at least one career start return, and five guys are still competing to be the starting quarterback. Last year’s starter Connor Frazier graduated, but apparently the line struggled to give him time anyway.

And that’s about all we know, because their media relations people are dropping the ball here. And as we learned from David Simon, Baltimore newspapers are pretty terrible and don’t really have the budget to go digging on FCS in any kind of depth. Their real mayor...

and TV mayor...

make for way better copy.

There’s also a Towson High School football team that tends to show up when you Google them.

So we’re putting this out here because we promised to preview all our opponents, but rest assured that most of these will be much better. If Towson wants to get us some data or film or anything we can use, we’ll be happy to deep dive whatever they do up there.

But for now, to paraphrase Dream Team’er Charles Barkley in Barcelona in 1992, "I don’t know anything about Towson, but Towson’s in trouble."