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USF-Northern Illinois Tweetcap

Let Twitter sum up the Bulls’ second straight lopsided win.

Northern Illinois v South Florida Photo by Jason Behnken / Getty Images

Here’s the best tweets we could find from a 48-17 pasting of Northern Illinois by USF.

This was a pretty unfunny game, to be honest. For one thing, there weren’t any streakers. Also, setting up a “USF” column on my TweetDeck led to some trolls who think that sucking in front of 115,000 people is a point of pride.

Well, before we all go back to the stadium in two weeks for an increasingly big game against Florida State, let’s not forget next week’s game at Syracuse. This is looming as one of the great trap games in USF history. Maybe not on the level of “Florida Atlantic 2007” yet, but certainly on the “Louisville 2009” level. Hopefully the team is taking this game more seriously than many of us are. Especially the many of us who watched Syracuse give up 62 points and 845 (EIGHT HUNDRED FORTY-FIVE) yards of offense Friday night...