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Protect Your Unit Week 2 Results

Our local degenerates had a good week, thanks to Louisville and USF.

NCAA Football: Louisville at Syracuse
Louisville QB Lamar Jackson scores against Syracuse.
Rich Barnes-USA TODAY Sports

(DISCLAIMER: This contest is for entertainment purposes only. No actual money is being wagered.)

Week 2 of our annual fake gambling contest is in the books! Lots of fake money was won this week, thanks to Louisville and USF both handily covering their pointspreads. Almost everybody was in the black this week; several players were up more than $100 in fake money.

We had two parlay wagers which failed to hit: ULhothot for 7.25 (Duke and NC State lost, Colorado State barely covered), and BullsOnParade for 200 (Air Force covered, but Purdue lost). You can submit parlay wagers to me via email for now.

Up-to-the-minute standings:

eastcoastbull 1343.49 246.37
diddybull32 1331.82 245.46
lrdnorman 1312.45 125.47
USFalum7 1301.84 74.57
mmmmsnouts 1270.15 115.24
ElliotMoore 1238.66 85.39
ULhothot 1200.47 171.47
bullbard 1154.89 136.09
collin 1135.36 0
gym399 1091.59 65.46
jjlovecub 1090 45
Gibbsak 1074.52 8.71
GaryStephen 1067.82 -44.64
AndrewPina 1036.36 36.36
defdans 1036.03 -37.36
ucscott 998.18 0
DaGata 971.82 18.18
Snafu13 960 -25.91
dsidwell31 950.21 104.76
bullmartin 901.82 -98.18
BullsOnParade96 804.67 -200.91
MC3443 800 0

We strive to make this game match real-world sports gambling conditions, so it’s impressive that so many people are in the black. Well done.

The Randolph and Mortimer Spite Bet of the Week goes to dsidwell31, for betting Willie Taggart’s career record at USF, 15.23. Despite the nature of this statement, this bet was on USF to cover against Northern Illinois. There were some good UCF-related spite bets out there too.

I’m going to give the Floyd’s Money Team Degenerate Bet of the Week to ULhothot, not for making a passel of longshot money line bets, but for actually winning for a change. He hit on Arkansas (+263) and Central Michigan’s crazy win over Oklahoma State (+1075), which was enough to put him about 25 in the black.

After a week that was lean on marquee matchups, Week 3 has more to offer. Ohio State is at Oklahoma; Alabama travels to Mississippi, who’ve had the Crimson Tide’s number of late; Oregon is at Nebraska; BYU hosts UCLA; Michigan State travels to Notre Dame; and, for those who fondly remember the 1990s, Colorado is at Michigan. There are also some conference games of note: LSU-Mississippi State, USC-Stanford, Texas A&M Auburn, Florida State-Louisville.

In the AAC, conference front-runner Houston travels to Cincinnati for a Thursday night game. Major non-conference tilts include East Carolina (fresh off a win over NC State) at South Carolina; Temple travels to Penn State to try and re-create its history-making win from last season; Memphis hosts an awful Kansas team; Tulsa hosts North Carolina A&T, which wouldn’t be noteworthy except that NCA&T beat FBS Kent State last week with a third-string quarterback; and of course, USF is at Syracuse.