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Your T-Shirt For The USF-FSU Game Is Here.

They WILL sell out, so get ‘em now.

A lot of people didn’t like the shirt options for the biggest game in years.

You wanted a kick-ass shirt for FSU-USF. We got you.

It’s the favorite call and response of your Bulls...

but yes, there’s some double meaning here. Go to the :30 second mark:

100% of the proceeds are going to making sure we’re able to cover as many USF road games this season. The Bulls need more media outlets covering them, and that’s why we’re here.

Local pick-up:
We’ll be stationed at our beloved home-away-from-home Felicitous Coffee & Tea, 11706 N 51st Street, Tampa, FL., so you can bring $20 and pick them upright next to campus at the following times:

Wednesday Sept. 21st: 3-9pm
Thursday Sept. 22nd: 12-3pm, 6-9pm
Friday Sept. 23rd: 12-6pm

If you need another time at Felicitous, email If you can’t get to Felicitous, buy a shipped shirt and we’ll mail them to you.

If you need your shirts shipped, email

We’ve had requests for international on stuff like this before, so just say something if that’s you and we’ll work it out. For a lot of Bulls all over the world we’re a link home, and we especially want to take care of you.

We can’t wait for this game, and we know you can’t either. Let’s do it right.