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Welcome To The GAMBOLLLLLLcast!

The GAMBOLLLLLLcast will offer unplanned, unedited, off-the-cuff talk about the opening lines on college football games. Hope you like it.

SMU v TCU Photo by Ron Jenkins/Getty Images

Welcome to our new weekly (we hope) podcast about one of our favorite topics - college football betting. Each week for the last few years, we’ve talked out the opening lines and bounced ideas off each other as we try to figure out who to pick in various handicapping contests, including our own Protect Your Unit game. This podcast is just taking those text messages and Slack chats and making them into #content for you. It’s unedited, unplanned, and unfiltered. All we do is make sure you can hear both of us on the recording and go with it.

Of course we had to name it after our rallying cry, so today marks the first edition of The Daily Stampede’s GAMBOLLLLLLcast. We don’t have much self-control, so there’s some other talk along the way. Plus we touched on USF because it’s the only game we both watched on Saturday.

This podcast was recorded Sunday evening. In this edition:

  • Are we still doing phrasing (0:30)
  • A rundown of our picks from the past week (3:00). We were both rolling in Protect Your Unit and various other pursuits early this season, but we cooled off this past weekend. Don’t ask about our FSU picks.
  • Why Jamie has given up on spite picking against Louisiana Tech (6:00)
  • TCU/SMU on Friday night (9:30)
  • Explaining to Collin that Oregon does not have a new defense, merely a new Brady Hoke (16:00)
  • A sidebar about Tennessee’s horrendous AP ranking (21:30)
  • BYU is playing at West Virginia this week. Really. (25:30)
  • Syracuse-UConn: Do not do this (30:00)
  • Louisville-Marshall: Do not do this either (33:00)
  • Don’t bet on USF-FSU, plus Collin’s “Win Both Showcases” strategy with bad opening lines (38:45)
  • Why Collin isn’t a fan of college teasers (42:30)
  • Far too much detail about Jamie’s handicapping league (47:00)
  • What if Brent Musberger calls the LSU-Auburn game, a game even he would stay away from? (51:45)

We’re far too used to doing this with each other and not for public consumption, so we’ll try and enunciate more clearly next week. Also it’ll be better because Collin is pretty worthless after road games until he goes back and watches what he missed while traveling.