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Podcast Time: FSU Week Part One

One of our favorite podcasts in a long time, because we get unhinged FSU fans after their beatdown by Louisville!

South Florida v Florida State Photo by Joe Robbins/Getty Images

It's FSU Week! We'll of course have lots of #content, but this might be the best. Collin Sherwin, Paul Leistner, and Carl Zee welcome FSU grads and friends Hoyt Prindle and Greg LaManna to discuss the biggest game at Ray Jay in years.

Hoyt's rant to open the podcast is so FSU fan, it should be transcribed on Renegade's back. Seriously, just take it in all its glory.

We also discuss how hurt is Dalvin Cook, where's Jimbo Fisher coaching next season, can USF give FSU as much trouble in zone read as Louisville, and every other topic relating to the game. As for predictions: one USF fan picks FSU to win, and one FSU fan picks USF.

We also discuss how USF finally got back to a point where games matter again, what it'll sound like at the stadium on Saturday, how big games like this should feel, and reminisce about games like this from long ago, and how this one should compare.

Normally our podcasts are of course as mediocre as we are, but this one is good. Enjoy it.