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Let’s Talk About Plies Pump Faking Us With This Tailgate on Saturday

Plies promised an epic tailgate and didn’t deliver. DON’T PLAY WITH OUR EMOTIONS LIKE THIS!

BMI Honors George Clinton, T-Pain, Lil Wayne and Many More At Urban Awards Photo by Michael Loccisano/Getty Images for BMI

We’ve spent enough time parsing through Saturday’s 55-35 disaster against Florida State, where we witnessed arguably one of the worst defensive performances in program history. Another disappointment we’ve yet to discuss here on this fine website is the epic tailgate proposed by rapper Plies... that never happened.

For those of you out of the loop, Plies is a famed Florida-based rapper, hailing from Fort Myers and currently residing in Tampa. After his own run in college football as a backup receiver for Miami University in the mid 90s, he turned his focus to the rap game, making hits with the likes of DJ Khaled, becoming an eccentric personality on Instagram, and as you probably remember, had every college football player “running off the plug twice” last fall.

Plies has been an avid supporter of the USF program throughout Willie Taggart’s tenure in Tampa, consistently shouting out the Bulls on Twitter. He even appeared on the USF sideline for the Miami Beach Bowl this past December.

So it was no surprise that the hometown entertainer would be amped up for the most anticipated home game in a decade. He even went as far as declaring he would be throwing a huge tailgate for the noon showdown.

Throughout the week, he would pop in and give updates on how he was ready to “spend bags” on this tailgate party, offering a full catered menu of whatever we wanted, bartenders, anything to make Saturday morning epic. A true man of of the people.

(Very Strong Language in these videos FYI)

As awesome as this was, this raised several important questions. Where would this tailgate be held? What time would the festivities begin? Would it be free to everyone, or would there be some form of cover? Would he perhaps do an impromptu performance?

The day of reckoning finally came, and well... NO TAILGATE. No pictures of one on Instagram, no trending posts about it on Twitter, NOTHING! The man even unofficially invited himself to your, yes you reading this, tailgate party.

We’ve seen rappers pulling a fast one on their fans before, but man this would’ve been a huge highlight in what turned out to be a bummer of a day at Raymond James Stadium. I’m not mad Plies, just disappointed.

I guess you can say Plies...*puts on shades*...ran off on the Bulls twice.