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2017 College Football Polls: USF Moves Up To #16 in Coaches Poll, Stays at #18 in AP Poll

Minimal movement for USF in this week's polls but they are no longer the lone AAC team representing.

NCAA Football: South Florida at East Carolina James Guillory-USA TODAY Sports

There was minimal movement in the polls for USF after their 61-31 blowout win at ECU on Saturday.

The Bulls moved up just one spot to #16 in the latest Amway Coaches Poll, while they stayed put at #18 in the latest Associated Press poll. Dating back to last season, their tenth straight appearance poll appearance ties the program record set back in 2008.

USF remains the highest ranked Group of Five team but no longer remains the sole team from the American ranked as an all too familiar foe has joined the fray...

After absolutely destroying Memphis in a 40-13 rout on Saturday, C. enters the fold at #25 in both the AP and the Coaches Polls.

This is the first time ever that both War on I-4 belligerents have been ranked in the same season, let alone at the same time.

With both teams having relatively easy paths on their respective schedules for the next month and a half, suddenly the prospects of an ARMAGEDDON WAR ON I-4 with the East division on the line looks likely.

And you know that AAC commissioner Mike Aresco and other league officials would love nothing more than this scenario to play out. A primetime Black Friday game between two ranked rivals with actual stakes on the line would do wonders for promotion of the league and the #P6 brand.

But that's in November and there's other things for both schools to worry about in the meantime. Namely San Diego State, who stayed put at #19 in the AP after holding off Northern Illinois for a 34-28 victory on Saturday.

The Aztecs, who are well in the mix for that New Year's Six Group of Five bid, will travel to UNLV this week before returning home for a major, midseason Mountain West showdown versus Boise State on Oct. 14.

Other Notables:

  • Alabama-Clemson are totally Warriors-Cavs'ing this, aren't they?...
  • ...Unless new No. 5 Georgia keeps it up and somehow takes down the Crimson Tide empire in the SEC Championship game. Speaking of Georgia opponents, woof Tennessee.
  • Wisconsin is doing what they always do. Quietly win low profile games and hover in the lower end of the top ten. IF ONLY THERE WAS A TOP-25 TEAM THEY COULD'VE ELECTED TO PLAY EARLY THIS SEASON AND NOT PUSHED BACK TO 2019. QUIT DUCKING US BADGERS!!!
  • The Pac-12 is once again cannibalizing itself after Washington State knocked off USC on Friday night. The Coogs are now No. 11, keeping the dream alive for an undefeated Apple Cup at the end of the year.
  • Four FBS Florida teams are ranked with Miami at #13, USF at #18, UF at #21, and UCF at #25. That seems about right. Nope, no usual suspect missing from this list at all.
  • Shoutout to Troy for receiving one vote for going into Tiger Stadium and whooping what looks to be a bad, reeeaaallly bad LSU team. Things aren't good in Baton Rouge right now for DACOACHO.