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Protect Your Unit Week 5 Results Thread

The scoreboard was unkind to some of our players this week.

NCAA Football: Illinois at South Florida Jasen Vinlove-USA TODAY Sports

(DISCLAIMER: This game is for entertainment purposes only. No actual money is being wagered.)

Apparently East Carolina can score a little. This was bad news for a lot of our players this week, who bet the Under in the USF-ECU game.

collin Under 76.5 points in the South Florida-East Carolina game 338.00
dsidwell31 Under 80.5 points in the South Florida-East Carolina game 50.00
mmmmsnouts Under 76.5 points in the South Florida-East Carolina game 50.00
GaryStephen Under 79.5 points in the South Florida-East Carolina game 40.00
Snafu13 Under 75.0 points in the South Florida-East Carolina game25.00

Early season leader Collin bet his max amount of fake money, which dropped him to the middle of the pack. On the plus side, six different players took USF to cover, which they did after a strong second half. Washington State over USC was another winner many players picked.


jjlovecub 1382.73 61.36
BrianMartin 1357.05 11.36
mcgies852 1240.91 -13.64
McIntyre2K7 1187.45 34.08
ElliotMoore 1145.23 -50.91
HerdCountry941 1123.34 170.00
AndrewPina 1081.70 -204.55
defdans 1042.37 -39.55
gym399 1034.78 -137.27
Collin 1021.73 -340.00
CarlZee 1008.98 -16.36
GaryStephen 976.88 -19.09
EastCoastBull 942.91 91.64
dsidwell31 936.73 -128.80
LrdNorman 910.17 -142.56
DaGata 905.20 0
mwllz80 902.27 0
mmmmsnouts 886.82 -150.00
ucscott 885.28 -241.82
Snafu13 859.18 -39.09
ULhothot 763.82 -187.00
gibbsak 753.26 -9.28
BullsOnParade96 654.55 0

Only one triple-digit winner this week, and that was HerdCountry941. He had two big Over wins on Ohio State and Alabama, each of whom hit the over single-handedly. EastCoastBull came close, winning 91.64 fake dollars on favorites USF, Miami, and Navy. Lots of triple-digit losers this week, led by the aforementioned Collin. Oh well, the house has to win sometimes.

Randolph and Mortimer Spite Bet of the Week goes to BrianMartin for once again betting against San Diego State. He put a fair amount of fake money on the proposition, 25 units on Northern Illinois at +350, which nearly came in. And by the way; USF postponed a game at NIU to play San Jose State instead in 2017. NIU has a win over Nebraska, while San Jose State is 1-5. That would have helped our strength of schedule a little.

As for Floyd’s Money Team Degenerate Bet of the Week... I’m giving this to myself, but I have a damn good case. I went for a split on Coastal Carolina +11 and Louisiana-Monroe -7.5. ULM led by 2 on the last play of the game, with CCU near midfield. Coastal Carolina tried for a lateralpalooza, fumbled, and with everyone thinking the game was over, a ULM player returned the loose ball for six points. That made the final margin 8, which made both bets a winner. If anyone has a better double showcase story, I’d love to hear it.

Week 6 top games: Fun Belt weeknight games start, with Arkansas State-Georgia Southern on Wednesday. Louisville-NC State is a battle of ranked teams on Thursday. Saturday brings #1 Alabama at Texas A&M; the rescheduled Miami-Florida State game; #23 West Virginia at #8 TCU; Michigan State-Michigan; and conference play for most teams.

In the AAC, USF is off. Memphis-Connecticut is Friday night; Central Florida, which finds itself at #25 in the poll, goes to Cincinnati; SMU is at Houston; Temple is at East Carolina; Tulsa, which might be the best 1-4 team in the country, is at Tulane. Navy hosts Air Force as part of the Commander in Chief’s Trophy rivalry.

First set of point spreads is going up soon. (Over/under and money lines tend to start arriving a little later.) Happy fake gambling.