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Protect Your Unit Week 8 Results Thread

King Dice was not kind to our players this week.

Xbox Live Sessions With Scott Eastwood For Cuphead Photo by Charley Gallay/Getty Images for Xbox Live

(DISCLAIMER: This game is for entertainment purposes only. No actual money or souls are being wagered.)

If you haven’t seen the video game Cuphead yet, prepare to be blown away:

Yes, that is a video game. It’s like playing a 1930s cartoon, complete with washed-out colors, jazz soundtrack, wanton cruelty, hilarious violence, political incorrectness, surrealist imagery, and nightmarish depictions of life’s evils.

One of those evils is, of course, gambling. In the game, the protagonists wander into the devil’s casino, and gamble away their souls. They are then forced to fight to collect the souls of others. The game is mostly boss fights, many of which are gambling-themed. I won’t give anything away, because the visuals are so amazing you have to see them for yourself. There’s a wiki, and plenty of gameplay videos on YouTube. It’s worth watching.

So, who successfully parried danger, and who lost to King Dice this week?

BrianMartin 1362.19 -351
jjlovecub 1307.74 -60
mcgies852 1215.69 8.18
andrewpina 1185.6 113.89
McIntyre2K7 1152.85 56.65
HerdCountry941 1049.85
GaryStephen 1037.34 -60
collin 1021.73
TestUser 997.54
CarlZee 976.76 145.46
mmmmsnouts 954.32 68.18
DaGata 905.2
mwllz80 902.27
Defdans 874.91 -85
ElliotMoore 828.87 -154.55
eastcoastbull 823.37 -250
ucscott 792.87 -135.45
Snafu13 782.97
Gibbsak 762.35 -0.91
gym399 732.96 -89.45
ULhothot 690.83 189
bullsonparade96 654.55
dsidwell31 576.96 -202.27
lrdnorman 511.99 -154.55

As we all know, Tulane got a backdoor cover against USF, turning a 34-7 lead into a loss against the spread (which was about 11 points). A lot of players took the Central Florida-Navy over, which didn’t materialize. Oklahoma State-Texas, Memphis-Houston, and Michigan-Penn State were all unkind to our players, though many of us did predict East Carolina’s win over BYU. And there were a couple late bets on Tennessee-Alabama, which come out very close to the spread (Alabama won by 38). Sometimes, it’s scary how good the casinos are at predicting the final margin. Not as scary as King Dice, but still.

Leader BrianMartin took a beating, losing all $351 of his bets. He still leads, but by a very small margin. ULhothot (+$189 on Georgia Tech and Washington State); CarlZee ($145.45, won 4 of 4) and AndrewPina ($113.89, led by Ohio blowing out Kent State) were our winners this week.

One of CarlZee’s plays was BYU-East Carolina over 28. That’s it. 28. I investigated the line history, which you can see for yourself here. It shows that one book, BetHorizon, offered this line 3 times between 3 am and 8 am on 10/21. Now, this is obviously a typo on their end, because the line was 58.5 immediately before and after that. But, our rule (13.5.1) is that if a line appears in the history at least twice, it counts. We do not correct what the sports books publish.

For that astute bit of gambling, CarlZee wins Floyd’s Money Team Degenerate Bet of the Week. Well played. Even I didn’t catch that one, and I update the lines.

As for Randolph and Mortimer Spite Bet of the Week, that goes to McIntyre2K7, for the always-popular 6.66 bet on Rutgers. I note also that you stuck an extra penny on to your Syracuse-Miami play to make it 20.01 - was that the last time the Orange beat them?

Week 9 attractions! A big one in the Big Ten, as #2 Penn State travels to #6 Ohio State. Both those teams must also play #18 Michigan State at one point, so the B1G East is looking strong this year. Oklahoma State-West Virginia is a battle of ranked teams. The Florida-Georgia game is on. Florida State goes to Boston College on Friday night.

Also on Friday night are two AAC games, Tulane-Memphis and Tulsa-SMU. Of course, USF hosts Houston. UConn plays Missouri in a non-conference game. Central Florida plays FCS Austin Peay; there may not be a line for that one, which would leave you only four AAC games to pick from. Navy, Cincinnati, and East Carolina are off.