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The Bulluminati Podcast: The Louisiana Voodoo Edition

So much #content this week, we’re giving you two podcasts for the price of one.

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NCAA Football: South Florida at Tulane Stephen Lew-USA TODAY Sports

Recording live from The Hive Recording Studio in the John F. Germany Library, Collin Sherwin and Nathan Bond kick off a #podparty with special guests Connor Akeman and Dustin from the Scott & Holman Pawdcast. We have so much content, we’re breaking down this week’s podcast into two parts!

In this edition of the Bulluminati podcast, the guys celebrate a full calendar year without a loss with a new viral trending hashtag #SinceUSFLost and breaking the AP Poll Era for most consecutive 30-pt games in a row. They also talk about what went right and what went wrong with their away game at Tulane, including what the heck happened the last quarter and a half and why this is simultaneously the worst and the best 7-0 USF team ever.

Then the guys talk to Connor to discuss his road trip with Collin and their experience in the Big Easy, including the stampede of Bulls fans on New Orleans and the success of the Alumni Association tailgate. Nate also analyzes the special teams issues and how they can be fixed, and the guys take your #AskTDS questions.

Stay tuned for our segment with Dustin of the Scott & Holman Pawdcast to talk Houston and why Ed Oliver should terrify us. That’s double the podcast for the same subscription!

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