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USF Football Imperialism Update: All is Lost

USF falling to Houston on Saturday had dire consequences on the CFB Imperialism Map.

Reddit CFB user Nathan Bingham (nbingham196)

It's been over a month since the last time we've updated you on where USF stood within the College Football Imperialism Map.

Well after the Bulls' 28-24 loss to Houston on Saturday, it is with a heavy heart that I must inform you that everything has been lost.

That's right. Lieutenant Corporal General Commander Major Applewhite and his #HTownTakeover forces have seized everything.

  • The city of Tampa and the entire Bay Area. Gone.
  • The western coasts in California that the Bulls had ransacked in their Week 0 victory over San Jose State. Gone.
  • The farmlands of Illinois and Indiana as well as the hills of Western Kentucky Charlie Strong and company had acquired by toppling Illinois. Gone.

The Bulls even lost the coveted "Harambelt", a prize they had proudly flaunted for 365 days.

Barring Tulsa upsetting Memphis this Friday, the only opportunity left on the schedule for USF to acquire land is Black Friday when they invade Immediate Life Safety Concerns Stadium to battle Scott Frost and his Knight army.

Until then, let's welcome in our new Cougar overlords and pray for leniency.