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Protect Your Unit Week 11 Results Thread

We have another new leader.

UAB v Florida
This is the last UAB picture, I swear.

DISCLAIMER: This game is for entertainment purposes only. No actual money is being wagered.

Sorry I’m a little late with this week’s results. I’ll get right to the standings:


McIntyre2K7 1438.43 266.37
GaryStephen 1259.15 127.55
jjlovecub 1189.74 95
CarlZee 1131.28 136.36
HerdCountry941 1115.93 84.18
collin 1021.73 0
mcgies852 1018.42 -40.45
BrianMartin 938.55 -64.55
andrewpina 928.52 -176.18
DaGata 905.20 0
mwllz80 902.27 0
Gibbsak 828.60 -0.41
mmmmsnouts 813.32 0
ElliotMoore 764.33 71.82
Defdans 754.22 -40.69
eastcoastbull 707.46 0
bullsonparade96 654.55 0
Snafu13 619.13 0
ucscott 543.03 -59.09
dsidwell31 517.87 0
gym399 462.14 -66.73
ULhothot 335.67 16.84
lrdnorman 122.9 0

McIntyre2K7 is now in first place, on the power of two big Over bets. Carlzee and myself also broke 100. jjlovecub won 95. Still anybody’s race.

Randolph & Moritmer Spite Bet of the Week goes to brianmartin, for putting 10 actual fake dollars on UConn to beat C. outright. They came closer than they had any right to.

Floyd’s Money Team Degenerate Bet of the Week goes to ElliotMoore, for loading up on MACtion. Plus Temple-Cincinnati on Friday, which is as close to MACtion as a non-MAC game can be. I put in the effort to make these weeknight lines available, so I appreciate when somebody plays them.

After two weeks full of important games, there are no Top 25 matchups this week. This is the week when SEC (and increasingly, ACC) teams play laughably weak non-conference games. Normally these don’t attract much attention, but UAB is only a 10-point underdog to Florida. A program coming off hiatus, against a program that seems to be going on hiatus. Should be more interesting than Delaware State-Florida State or Mercer-Alabama.

In the AAC: USF hosts Tulsa on Thursday. C. is at Temple; SMU at Memphis; Houston at Tulane; Cincinnati at East Carolina. In non-conference games, UConn plays Boston College, while Navy plays its annual game against Notre Dame.