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Haiku and Postgame Thoughts: USF 27, Tulsa 20

Another sub-optimal, uninspired performance from the Bulls. It better be the last one or the season ends next Friday.

NCAA Football: Tulsa at South Florida Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

The best senior class

In USF history

Must beat UCF

There's very little good to say about this game. USF looked like they mailed it in yet again vs. an inferior opponent. They played with the lack of passion that has become a signature, especially once they earn a comfortable lead. The coaching was at best questionable, and at worst unacceptable.

Quinton Flowers might be the best player in USF history, but he was just straight-up bad against the 2nd-worst defense by S&P in FBS football. Tulsa is a tire fire on defense... and held the Bulls to six points over the last three quarters.

The defense got gashed at points, but was also on the field too much, and still managed to make plenty of negative plays. But they should have been playing from way ahead for about 50+ minutes, but the offense failed to control the game against a horrible unit.

It’s a win. It’s over. It’s UCF Hate Week. All we can do now is pray that this isn’t who USF truly is.

Because if these are indeed your Bulls, their season ends with a meaningless bowl and dreams deservedly dashed.

  • With his fourth of 14 tackles, Auggie Sanchez broke the school record for career tackles with 367. Those 14 tackles also tied a career high.
  • Quinton Flowers: 11-28, 142 yards, 2 TD’s, 1 INT, 1 fumble (lost). 17 carries, 119 yards.
  • USF yards per play in the 4th quarter: 1.3
  • Tulsa allows 7.8 yards per play on average: the Bulls had just 5.8 tonight.
  • The USF defense held Tulsa to just 4.3 yards per play, and only 3.0 yards per rush.
  • The Bulls with a season-high 13 tackles for loss.
  • Deadrin Senat with a career high 13 tackles.
  • Emilio Nadelman broke the season record for field goals with 20.

More from Ray Jay soon.