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Protect Your Unit Week 10 Results

Another rough week for our players.

NCAA Football: Wake Forest at Notre Dame
We need to improve our luck, so here’s a leprechaun.
Matt Cashore-USA TODAY Sports

(DISCLAIMER: This game is for entertainment purposes only. No actual money is being wagered.)

Ah, the deadly backdoor cover. You think your bet on the favorite or the under is going well, until you lose on some cheap late touchdown.

This happened to a lot of our players this week. Notre Dame led Wake Forest by 25 early in the fourth quarter, but Wake scored two garbage time touchdowns - one with 51 seconds left - to lose by only 11, and cover the point spread. This wrecked two big parlays, and several individual bets on the Irish. Similarly, UConn +23.5 won when USF fumbled rather than score a late touchdown against UConn in a game they led throughout.

Players also lost big on Central Florida.-SMU (-822.36 lost total) and Florida-Missouri (-362.60; everyone who played it got it wrong). Still, who thought the Gators were that bad?


McIntyre2K7 1172.06 19.21
GaryStephen 1131.60 42.82
andrewpina 1104.70 -89.09
jjlovecub 1094.74 -231.00
mcgies852 1058.87 -156.82
HerdCountry941 1031.75 -13.18
collin 1021.73 0
BrianMartin 1003.10 -210.00
CarlZee 994.91 -35.68
DaGata 905.20 0
mwllz80 902.27 0
Gibbsak 829.01 42.68
mmmmsnouts 813.32 0
Defdans 794.91 -26.36
eastcoastbull 707.46 -9.09
ElliotMoore 692.51 -87.27
bullsonparade96 654.55 0
Snafu13 619.13 -184.30
ucscott 602.12 -190.75
gym399 528.87 -106.82
dsidwell31 517.87 -4.55
ULhothot 318.83 -250
lrdnorman 122.90 -215.45

This season has been like an automobile race where the leaders keep crashing. JJLovecub (-231), BrianMartin (-210), mcgies582 (-156.82) and andrewpina (-89.09) all fall from the leader board back into the pack. Our new leader is McIntrye2K7, whose net win of 19.21 fake dollars makes him the third-biggest gainer of the week. GaryStephen (42.82) and GibbsAK (42.68) were the only other gainers. Twelve players are between 994.91 and 1172.06, so it’s still anybody’s race to win.

Last week was our first full week of MACtion, with games all the way from Tuesday to Friday. I didn’t even point this out, and yet ElliotMoore was right in with a wager on Central Michigan-Western Michigan. That wins Floyd’s Money Team Degenerate Bet of the Week.

Randolph and Mortimer Spite Bet of the Week goes to McIntyre2K7 and BrianMartin for taking East Carolina to beat Houston outright. I get that people take money line long shots sometimes, and ECU has been a little better than we thought, but I can’t help but think that play included a little disdain for the Cougars.

One rules note: I have added official rule 8.4.1, which says: If you have less than $250 fake dollars remaining, you may bet it all on one wager, if desired. We have traditionally allowed “all in” wagers in place of the usual three picks. It matters little anyway, since anyone in such a state is unlikely to contend for first place, but I decided to make it an official rule. LrdNorman, you can bet your last 122.90 in one game if desired, as can anyone else who goes below $250 fake dollars.

What’s on for Week 11? The Bulls are off, so you’ll have to get your AAC pick in one of only four games: Temple, which is up to four wins and hoping to squeak into a bowl game, is at Cincinnati on Friday. It’s Civil ConFLiCT week, as Connecticut visits Orlando. SMU is at Navy. Tulane visits East Carolina. Houston, Memphis, and Tulsa are also off.

Many national games of note: Miami-Notre Dame has huge playoff implications for both schools. TCU-Oklahoma and Oklahoma State-Iowa State will help clarify the Big XII Championship Game (the top two teams go). Michigan State-Ohio State may decide the Big Ten East. Unbeaten Wisconsin hosts suddenly-dangerous Iowa. Georgia is at #14 Auburn. Clemson hosts Florida State, in a game they need to be assured the division title (NC State has only one ACC loss and three beatable opponents remaining). And there’s lots of weeknight games, including Washington-Stanford on Friday, so get your fill.

Happy fake gambling.